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This Website is dedicated to my mother, Mrs. Monira Begum. All recipes belong to her. There's her picture on the left with my nephew. If you like the recipes say hi to her if you see her on the road.
She is from Murshidabad, and is famous for using very little oil and spices in her food, yet cooking up super tasty delicacies. You won't find greasy, spicy, artery clogging, heart busting recipes here.
If you are in Kolkata (India) and are a girl/woman, you can join up for one of her cooking classes at Y.W.C.A. (S N Banerjee branch). Don't worry you don't have to be a Christian, you don't even have to be young for that matter. See About Us page for more details.
Try out the recipes.
If you are an inexperienced cook, or new to Indian cooking I recommend visiting my Indian Cooking Primer and Cooking Tips pages.

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Delay ripening of bananas store in paper bag at room temperature, or put in a ziploc bag and keep refrigerated.

If you still end up with overripe banana, never throw it away. Make a milkshake with milk and sugar. My aunt also invented a delicious Banana Halwa, with overripe banana and someday I'll post it here.

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